rhode island society of professional land surveyors

what do i need a survey for?

a person generally has occasion to employ a land surveyor only once or twice in a lifetime. since such employment is so infrequent, the average person is not aware of the logical steps to be followed in selecting a land surveyor. to help in making such a selection, the answers to a few common questions are noted herein.

a survey should be made before subdividing any parcel of land for sale and prior to the construction of any structures on property in which you have an interest. a survey is often desirable before purchasing real estate and frequently is recommended by legal counsel or by mortgage loan companies. remember, the services of a land surveyor now will cost less in time, worry, and money than the cost of moving a building or defending a lawsuit later.

who can perform a land survey?

in the state of rhode island, only a registered land surveyor can legally assume the responsibility for a land survey. the registered land surveyor is a highly specialized individual whose education, experience, and competence have been rigorously examined; and who has then been licensed by the state of rhode island to practice land surveying. as a professional, his/her conduct and the quality of their work are subject to a stringent code of ethics

how do i locate a registered land surveyor?

most survey work is acquired through the personal recommendation of satisfied clients or through attorneys who frequently handle real estate transactions. if it is difficult to obtain a recommendation, probably the most direct way would be to check the listings under "surveyors-land" in the classified section of the telephone directory. according to rhode island law, only licensed practitioners can advertise themselves as land surveyors. a third method would be to contact the rhode island society of professional land surveyors for a membership listing of practicing land surveyors in your locality.